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Electric Scooters
2013 GIO MG 500w+ Scooter
2013 GIO  MG 500w+ Scooter
MSRP: 1758.14
Performance, Style, Quality
2014 Italia MK Premium 500w+ Lithium Ion Scooter
2014 Italia MK Premium 500w+ Lithium Ion Scooter
MSRP: 2068.46

Electric scooters

Without a doubt, an electric scooter is a compact and convenient mode of transportation. It is a great, non-polluting alternative to virtually every consumer looking for an enjoyable and cost-effective solution for transportation. Its compact size makes maneuvering, parking and getting out of traffic jams a breeze—we haven't even mentioned some of the great features yet!


GIO is proud to introduce the new 2012 collection of electric scooters. With a variety of different colors, styling, motor sizes and features, you can now select the electric scooter that fits your exact needs!