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2013 GIO Italia (MK) 500w Electric Scooter
US$ 1'034.18

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Title:2013 GIO Italia (MK) 500w Electric Scooter 
LOCATION:Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sold by:
Color: Azure G3080002, MatteBlack G801, Orange, Red G3080003
Status:In Stock
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All new 2013 GIO Italia (MK) 500w Electric Scooter is all about style, comfort, performance, smooth acceleration and quality. You won’t have to roll up one pant leg on your commute to work with the GIO Italia. Cruise up to 32 km per hour and with a 55 km range* this easy cruiser will get you to work on time and your parties fashionably late! Powered by a 500W peak, 350W continuous brushless electric motor, this scooter has beautiful styling to go along with easy, smooth handling and ample power. Forget about paying for gas, insurance, parking, and no driver’s license required, just charge it and go.

The GIO Italia features heavy-duty front drum brakes and a rear EABS (Electronic Absorption Braking System) which recharges the battery when braking, extending range. The handlebars feature all the controls you expect out of a scooter, including front and rear brake levers, throttle, turn signals, horn, cruise control, high/low beam headlights. A digital LCD heads-up display tells you all the vitals you need to know cruising around, including speed, battery level, motor output, odometer and more.

Note: Ride on bike lanes, road shoulders or pedestrian/bike paths, just like a bicycle.

Many reasons to choose GIO Electric Scooter ?

Smooth acceleration - GIO scooters are famous for having smooth, non jerky, power distribution. With the slight twist of the throttle it will gain speed smoothly, and gently, just the way it should.
Adequate legal power - Weather you live in the downtown core or on the top of the mountain, your GIO scooter will get you there in a jiffy.
Reliable and refined technology - We found the secret sauce between travel distance, performance and quality.
Easy maintenance - All vital GIO components are placed strategically in order to access them when needed i.e. easy access, removable batteries, controller, motor.
Great features - Cruise control, anti-theft alarm system, EABS, digital gauges.
Standard options - Non removable matts, folding pedals, chain derailer mechanism.
Unique colors - Matte black, Azure, Orange
Warranty - 2013 models come with stress free 1 year bumper to bumper warranty.


Features and Benefits at glance:

  • DA Technology - DA helps to conserve the energy resulting in longer travel distance, more power going up the hill. Results in 15% better pefromance then 2012 model.
  • All new posh European design - The best looking model on the market leaving competition in the dust.
  • Upgraded seat - Much more comfortable seating compared to 2012 Italia. It is also wider.
  • Non removable mats - Your mat will never be blown away by the wind. Also easy to remove and wash.
  • Cruise Control - Hold throttle to the maximum for about 10 seconds for cruise control to engage.
  • Digital LCD gauges - Shows speed, range, amp meter, current trip.
  • Back trunk - Adds more storage space. Trunk comes standard. (Not pictured but included).
  • Unique new colors - Totally cool and unique, featuring matte black, and azure.
  • Security alarm - Comes standard on all GIO scooters.
  • New and improved pedaling mechanism - Pedal cranks are more narrow then on older models. Will never lose pedals or cranks while riding.
  • Foldable pedals - Great accessory comes standard.
  • Smart Charger - ULc certified charger with repair function.
  • 16x3.00 wheels and tires - Wider then 2012 Italia.
  • Available only through Authorized GIO dealer !


  • Motor: 500w peak (350w Continuous) Brushless
  • Battery: 48V12AH Lead Acid
  • Controller: 17AH with DA Technology
  • Range: 50 – 60 km (31.1 – 40.4 mi)*
  • Top Speed: 32km/h Limited
  • Charge time: 6 – 8 hours
  • Wheels/tires: F 16x3.0 / R 16x3.0
  • Front brakes: Drum
  • Back brakes: Drum with the lock
  • EABS: Yes
  • Tires: Front with tube, Rear with tube
  • Plastic: ABS high quality with new paint technology
  • Display: LCD Digital
  • Upgraded seating
  • Speeds: Two speeds Low and High
  • Cruise Control : Yes
  • Front Shocks: hydraulic front motorcycle shocks
  • Back Shocks: Dual spring shocks
  • Security Alarm: Yes
  • Colors: Unique flat black and Azure
  • Carpet: Non removable carpet
  • GIO Logos: Yes
  • Foldable pedals: Included (Standard)
  • Load capacity: 150 kg (330.7 lb.)


Assembled dimensions (L x W x H):
172.7 cm x 68.6 cm x 104.1 cm (68 in. x 27 in. x 41 in.)
Weight: 70 kg (154.3 lb.) with battery


Minor assembly is required such as front wheel installation, pedals and back trunk.

Download assembly manual in English:
Download assembly manual in French:


Parts only: 1 Year bumper to bumper.

* The travel distance with a fully charged battery depends on the load of vehicle, personal driving habits, road condition and driving environment, such as start times, stop and go frequency, load, gradient of hill, road surface, wind force/speed, air temperature, battery charging status, battery performance, tire pressure, lights, power up, vehicle speed, etc. All these factors will influence travel distance.

For more information about this product, call the GIO Customer Service Centre at 1-877-274-0480.

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from: rocam13
04/20/2014 11:46 AM
why is the Zetta more expensive than the Atalia/
A: Zetta is more powerful. Italia has 12ah batteries with 17ah control module vs zetta with 20ah batteries and 25ah control module
by giocrew - Richmond, British Columbia, 04/21/2014 12:13 AM
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