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GIO 500w GIO RZR Electric Scooter
US$ 1'034.18

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Title:GIO 500w GIO RZR Electric Scooter 
LOCATION:Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sold by:
Color: Black, Green, Matte Orange, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow
Status:Out of Stock
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GIO is proud to introduce the all-new 500W RZR Electric Scooter. Completely redesigned from the outside in, the 500W RZR is loaded with detailed designs, extended versatility, and added performance. The new sleek European styling features streamlined contours for added chic, extra durability for little or no maintenance, and even greater storage capacity than you've come to expect. Conquer long trips quickly and easily. Perfect for the practical-minded and environmentally conscious, the new GIO 500W RZR gives you everything you want in an E-scooter - you're going to love this!


  • All-new compact and reliable CPU brushless electric motor with dependable 500W power and impressive range of up to 60 km.

  • Light-weight and powerful 48 V maintenance-free battery, providing 12 Ah of charge, and offering optimum power delivery and superb reliability. Maximum speeds of 32 km/h with 55 N-m of torque; plenty for even the most undulating cities.

  • High-performance electric absorption braking system that recovers braking energy and converts it back to electrical charge for the battery; increasing the range by up to 10% compared to unequipped E-scooters.

  • The 500W RZR provides enhanced handling in urban traffic ensuring a confident ride even for riders of all size and skill lever.

  • Dual rear shocks combine to deliver enhanced comfort, stability, and safety when riding over bumpy surfaces.

  • The steering head incorporates a large-faced meter panel with central and easy-to-read gauges and indicator lights. The front dash also provides plenty of storage space for all of your accessories.

  • The comfortable low seating arrangement is a popular GIO feature; creating a relaxed, natural riding position for up to two riders.

  • The 500W RZR offers expanded storage capacity under the seat, allowing GIO to remain the market leader in E-Scooter storage space. All storage compartments are key-locked for added security. Equipped with a high quality digital alarm and handlebar locking mechanism, allowing you to feel confident that your E-scooter is secure.

  • Newly redone sporting front and rear lights provide high luminosity under any ambient setting. Movable side-view mirrors make tight manoeuvres, parking, and storage a breeze.

  • GIO's IntelliCharger provides self-regulating charge and auto shut-off capabilities to prevent any potential damage to the battery and ensures maximum life.





Motor power:     350W/500w, CPU motor
Transmission:     Auto
Motor Type:      350w cont/500w peak , Brushless, Electric
Min/Max. output:    32-55Nm
Starting System:    Electric Start
Battery:    48V/12AH Lead Acid Battery
Range:    45-55kms
Max Speed:    <32Km/H (19.8mph)
Reverse:    No
Suspension/Front:    Dual Shock
Suspension/Rear:    Dual Shock
Brakes/Front:    Drum brake
Brakes/Rear:    Drum brake

Tires/Front:    16" * 2.5
Tires/Rear:    16" * 2.5
Size:    Youth - Adult
L x W x H:    1800 x 660 x 1040 mm
Seat Height:    840 mm
Ground Clearance:    125 mm
Weight:    88kgs


Head Light:    Yes
Tail Light:      Yes
Brake Light:    Yes
Blinkers:         Yes


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from: scoot69
05/08/2012 02:49 AM
whats the torque rating for this bike ?
0 Answers

from: TasteOfGreece
08/27/2011 12:50 PM
A: Yes they do
by xrecreation - Kitchener, Ontario, 09/08/2011 03:06 PM
1 Answer

from: jimbodajanitor
08/22/2011 07:22 AM
when will the gio razzor be available in red
A: Its normally available in Flat Black, Green, Matte Orange, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow. However only Orange is available - once stock is deleted and new shippment comes in will other colors be available. Check back often as spring is close and (would think) shipment should be coming in soon.
by jfilz - Weyburn, Saskatchewan, 01/20/2012 07:33 AM
1 Answer

from: Angelamartin
08/06/2011 07:42 PM
Can I pick up a scooter rather then get it delivered? if yes how do I go about doing that?
A: You may pick it up at the local shipping company dock if you wish (save the tailgate fee). No pickup from GIO direct available.
by jfilz - Weyburn, Saskatchewan, 01/20/2012 07:34 AM
1 Answer

from: MaryLou
06/02/2011 06:51 PM
What is the difference between this model and the 500W+ model that is $1999.00?
A: it hasa bit better torque, better performance and better features. the rear brake lock is much easier to operate and it is more comfortable to drive and had better handling. as for the storage it actually has less hence they aarent being very truthful. gio decided to put the batteries under the seat so unlike other gios this one has close to no room under the seat to store. they say it has cruise control but my friends who have this model have yet to find where it is. there is a led light under the seat but it is useless as you cant even use that storage anyway, a smaller man or woman may have a hard time with this escooter as it is 50-60lbs heavier then any other model, the only storage you get is the rear trunk box and a small glove compartment just like the gio 350/500 watt (NOT THE 500+). it is more narrow and longer and a bit higher
by captain_chronik - nanaimo, British Columbia, 06/16/2011 12:57 PM
A: i have both scooters and i havent found ANY batteries under the seat they are located under the floor matt on my 4 2010 scooters its a scooter there fore there wont be a whole lot of storage and yes the 800 watt does have cruise control
by bikerboybriefs - coaldale, Alberta, 08/07/2011 08:19 PM
2 Answers

from: jcmylife2011
05/30/2011 09:54 PM
A: you have it shipped and choose what shipper during checkout. there is some seembly required but very simple stuff (front wheel, front brake, rear storage basket, mirrors)
by swisha - nanaimo, British Columbia, 06/24/2011 02:16 PM
1 Answer

from: bighat
05/30/2011 01:55 AM
where can one purchase batteries for these?
A: on this site. they are the same as the batteries in the 350/500 watt scooter (not the 500+). go to that scooters page and click on stock parts. they do not stock parts for this scooter so make sure you are on the page of the 500 watt. i own both so i know. you can get better batteries for cheaper online though these prices are retarded. they charge you $79 plus shipping on here so comes to about $120 for 1 battery. you can purchase better 12 volt 12ah batteries online for about $40 each.
by swisha - nanaimo, British Columbia, 06/24/2011 02:14 PM
1 Answer

from: cfauvel
05/18/2011 10:19 AM
For delivery there is an option to have it delivered at home or at depot? Where are located the depot for Kingston?
A: They mean the shipper's depot, which might not be in Kingston you'll have to check with the one you choose to ship by.
by angeldust - Scarborough, Ontario, 08/01/2011 08:19 PM
1 Answer

from: nickolasj
05/17/2011 10:10 PM
I see that one of the pictures displays the scooter in Yellow. Does this mean that we will be able to purchase this scooter in the color Yellow at some point?
A: scooter comes in orange red and black. you can pick whatever color you want at checkout as long as its in stock
by swisha - nanaimo, British Columbia, 06/24/2011 02:11 PM
1 Answer

from: showes
05/05/2011 09:33 AM
I read that this is on back order. When do you expect to have these in stock?
A: ETA is May 6, 2011. All paid orders will be dispatched next week on Wednesday and on.
by admin - Vancouver, British Columbia, 05/05/2011 02:45 PM
1 Answer

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