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Shoveling snow is difficult and time-consuming work. There is an easier way to clear snow from areas around your home. A snow thrower can clear most surfaces in a fraction of the time required by shoveling with much less effort. GIO is proud to introduce our 2010 Winter line-up of Snowblowers. Available in a wide range of power, GIO has the perfect Snowblower for any winter condition. For simple house/laneway plowing, we have the 5.5HP Snowblower all the way up to an 11HP as well as a 13HP Snowblower ATV attachment for those large industrial sites. The type of Snowblower you choose will depend on whether your driveway is gravel or paved, large or small, or flat or hilly, as well as on the severity of your winters. We have designed solid and reliable snowblowers to accommodate any kind of terrain; 5.5HP, 6.5HP, 11HP and our 13HP ATV Attachment. These machines are known for their durability and performance. Winter tasks and maintenance in Canada aren’t easy for anyone. We can’t do them for you, but here at GIO we can offer you the right tools, equipment and service to help you out along the way. Don’t let this winter drag you down, get out there acquire your GIO Snowblower to start saving time, money and energy.